5 Best Website Hosting & Development Tools

5 Best Website Hosting & Development Tools

The website hosting or development tools help the technical team to work with a variety of technology and make the best of it when creating a company website. The website development tools with its set of features are mainly to help the developers give the best creative shape to website designs. It helps improve the online browsing experience on a website and easily facilitates SEO service, lowers the bounce rate, and helps lower the maintenance requirement on the site. Before you choose the front end development tool, it is better to go through the set of features and choose the right one that suits your website development and business requirement at its best.  

5 best website hosting and development tools

5 Best Website Hosting & Development Tools

These are the best website hosting and development tools –


Grunt is an excellent web designing tool that is perfect for small to medium size businesses and it is available for free. It is a JavaScript Task Runner that is suitable for automation. From compilation to unit testing and minification and other repetitive work, it can handle it at ease. Some of its features are:

  • It can offer various plugins 
  • It helps automate the work with minimum of efforts 
  • It is easy to create Grunt plugin using simple steps 
  • It is perfect for beginners as it can be installed following easy steps 

Therefore, it is necessary to update Npm that helps install Grunt and its plugins. You can check the guide and steps from the tool for the best results. 


When in search for an efficient web development tool that works the best for small to large businesses, you can rely on Angular.JS which is an open and free source. It helps work with HTML vocabulary and work with documents. It gives an impressive, readable and easy to develop platform to work on. The tool set that comes along helps to easily build the framework that is perfect for application development. 

The extensive toolset is capable of working with different libraries and gives the freedom of modification or replacement with help of workflow development. The top features of the tool are:

  • AngularJS has features for controller, Data Binding and work on plain JavaScript. Data Binding eliminates DOM manipulation and makes website development an easy work to do.
  • Directives, reusable components along with localisation are important to focus on when using this website tool for creative content 
  • Some other features to get from it are Form Validation, Deep Linking, Server communication for better navigation and back end work 
  • It offers built-in testability that makes it perfect to work with and one of the best website development tools to pick 
  • It comes with built-in testing opportunity that is easy to use it 

Therefore, with this, you can have a clean readable development tool format. This is the plain JavaScript object where the code can be reused and it is easy to maintain and test. Given the benefits of the features, you can easily use it. 


If you are planning to create a simple website, this website development tool is the one to focus on. This allows website customisation on CSS and HTML by using the right programming language working on Python or PHP. It offers unlimited MySQL databases when using this platform and it becomes easy to create using this latest version of the tool. It supports open source scripts and enables single click installation of apps like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. The notable features of the tool are:

  • It is compatible with CSS 
  • It has unlimited MySQL database
  • It is supported by FTP account  
  • It automates site with easy restore and backup functionality for ease of the users 

Therefore, it allows one to customize the site as per requirement and you can get access to different built-in tools that help speed up the process. In addition to this, the customer support is another important and easy thing to expect when using this web development tool for website designing and development for business. 

Chrome DevTools

This is another excellent tool option that is suitable for small to large businesses and is available for free. It comes with a set of tools for the web developers. The tools are built in Google Chrome and have the functionality to view. Here , you can change the DOM and style of the page. By using this tool, it would be easy to run, view messages and debug JavaScript, edi the pages easily, diagnose the problem and optimize the speed of the website as required. The notable features to choose the development tool are:

  • It will be easy to inspect the Network Activity with the use of tool
  • With the performance functionalities, you need to optimize speed as required, analyze the runtime performance, diagnose the forced synchronous layout and others 
  • The different functionalities such as security issue, application panel, memory panel, source panel, network panel and elements panel and others are useful on the tool 

If you are in search of some tool that helps with JavaScript debugging, this is the suitable one to try and it helps optimize the website speed. It can be used with one browser only and this is the suitable one if running a small or large business. 


This is yet again another free source of website development that is applicable for small to large business organizations. This open source programming is considered to be a subset of JavaScript. It will compile code to JavaScript that supports any browser, operating system and host. It can be used with existing JavaScript code and this calls for the use of TypeScript. 

  • Any compiled TypeScript code is easy to run on Node.js in any JavaScript engine that will support ECMAScript 3 on any browser 
  • The TypeScript can allow to use the latest and the best features of JavaScript features and these are one of the reasons to pick it 
  • You can easily define the difference between the software components on the development tool 

So, by knowing these features, it will be easy to understand the behavior of JavaScript libraries. It has the feature of Type Annotations along with Compile-time checking option, type inference, interfaces, type erasure, generics, and others. 

Choose the best of development tools that helps get the best of website design for your website. Depending on the technology used, it can help create a website that stands out from the rest and it is the best one to use. 

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