What is Web Hosting, Types and Work

What is Web Hosting, Types and Work, Important Factors

Web hosting is an internet hosting business which maintains and allocates space for the files to be stored on a web server by multiple websites. It is basically a hosting service which provides facilities needed for the clients to create and maintain their sites. It makes the files like images, code etc available and accessible to the world online. 

what is web hosting

What is Web Hosting

When an internet hosting service provides and allocates space for a website so that that website can store their files and makes it accessible on the world wide web, then we can say that they are hosting that particular website. 

Main Types of Hosting

The amount of space allocated to the website by the internet hosting service depends on the kind of hosting. 

The main types of hosting includes:

Shared Hosting-

It is a type of hosting when a particular website is hosted on the same server like multiple other websites. It can be noted that most of the web hosting companies generally provide shared hosting as it is economical and very easy to to set up. It is a good option for the new sites which at the beginning do not expect much traffic. 

Dedicated Hosting-

This web hosting is also called a dedicated server or managed hosting. It gives all the servers to rent and this hosting is expensive as compared to the shared hosting plans. We can say that it is only used when a website has huge traffic and more server control is needed. It is very flexible in nature because it provides complete control over the server. It also provides complete control over the security systems and software. one important aspect about this web hosting is that it needs a good technical knowledge and expertise in order to manage the platform. 


This web hosting stands for virtual private servers. VPS is also so called a virtual dedicated server that is VDS. This web hosting happens when a virtual server shows up to each client as a a dedicated server even at the time when a dedicated server is serving many websites. This kind of web hosting is normally e used by bye the smaller websites. It is also used by the organisations wanting flexibility of having a dedicated server which can also be cost effective. 


It is a type of web hosting where the owners of the accounts can use their assigned bandwidth and hard drive space in order to host a website on behalf of third parties. In this situation, the owners of original hosting accounts are the ‘Resellers’. This type of web hosting is important when some allocated resources can be shared with another party. It is also important when the amount of space bought is not required.  

Cloud Hosting-

This particular web hosting being the latest has become largely popular in recent years and so many large businesses a turning their preference towards cloud hosting. It operates among many interconnected Web servers supplying a reliable, scalable and affordable web infrastructure. This web hosting interestingly provides large amount of disk space for unlimited domains offering reliable and unmetered bandwidth. 

How does a Web Hosting Work

When files of a website are uploaded on a web server from a local computer, then a web hosting takes place. Resources of the server such as bandwidth, hard drive space and RAM are allocated using web hosting. 

  • Server resources are divided and completely differ depending on the kind of hosting plan being chosen. 
  • In order to choose an appropriate hosting plan, one needs to look for the difference between the available plans. 
  • To make it simple for the users with less technical knowledge, it can be simplified as something like: ‘choosing a web hosting is just like searching an office space’. 

Web Hosting Some Important Factors  

Here are some important factors that you must keep in mind if you want your website to expand in the coming future: 

  • If you want it your web hosting free of cost and you must consider some important factors like bandwidth allowance, advertising and upgrade options.
  • You can also so on your website and run It wiping and investing on it.
  • Paying for a web hosting is important because of the factors like reliability, traffic and bandwidth. 

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