8 Awesome Web Hosting Control Panel and Server Management Software

8 Awesome Web Hosting Control Panel and Server Management Software,

No matter what the size of your business is, keeping track of performance, maintenance issue, utilization of correct resource can be challenging and tiresome. It can result in delay of process in some department and result in mistakes which is not desirable. Therefore, it is better to deploy techniques or systems that suits the business infrastructure at its best without complicating its components such as server, database, authentication and others. The use of latest software makes it easy to handle the day-to-day tasks with ease and maintain accuracy in the tasks. In this regard, handling website servers requires knowledge and you have to hire technical experts for the same. Try to deploy a latest tool that helps covers up for manpower and time. An intelligent tool can less complicate the administrative task and it includes handling of activities such as monitoring, patching, installation, configuration and others.

web hosting control panel and server managemnet software

8 Awesome Web Hosting Control Panel and Server Management Software

Some of the latest tools can leverage the best use of online server and you have to get it installed for your business purposes. The list of the top 8 servers is enlisted in the following part of the article. Choose the one that suits the business set up, features and it is within your budget.


It is an excellent open-source server administration that is compatible to work with Linux operating systems. If you wish to start containers, configure networks, manage storage and inspect logs, this is the best one to rely on. It can easily monitor and control the multiple servers simultaneously. It should include the system for ease of monitoring the activities and the Cockpit can take care of all its elements together. Some of its highlighting features are listed below:

  • Manage user profiles easily 
  • You can visualize system performance 
  • Modify the network settings 
  • It can gather system configuration with diagnostic data 
  • It can manage docker container better
  • It helps in ease of handling web-based shell into a terminal window 

With these host of features, it is easy to install the server and monitor it right for ease of usage. 


It is an excellent open-source solution that enables browser type of server panel to work with. Here, you can install packages and run the commands as required, view the required data on the platform such as RAM in control and get access to free space on disk and others. 

If your work requires handling multiple websites, you have to use an add-on known as Ajenti that allows you to manage the site based on Python, PHP, Node.js, Ruby and others. It is an excellent form of modular framework that has extensive features to work with and useful for some cases such as:

  • Responsive layout
  • GUI based on the Google’s angular JS
  • Clean and well documented type of interface to work on 
  • Use of firewall
  • Notification, live updates, and modals
  • Ease of authentication along with site authorization 


It works on two modules and they are as follows:

  • NodeWorx is essential for managing servers 
  • SiteWorx helps in managing domains and websites 

It is mainly application based that includes PHP, Apache. Perl, MySQL, and email-based support such as IMAP, SMTP and others using email service. 

Some other features are as follows:

  • Bandwidth usage
  • Manage the backups 
  • Get notification when things are not on track
  • Clustering for help of high availability 
  • API and support for the plugins 


This web hosting panel is for Linux that automates the task with its GUI and can manage the servers better and there is ease of using this platform. It is the best web hosting panel that can publish a website, calendar, create emails easily and manage files, domains, add or remove DNS and launch the database, schedule jobs, configure FTP and manage other logs easily. When planning to get one of the best hosting platforms to work on, cPanel is the suitable one to rely on. 


It is easy for everyone to use to manage the cloud servers, Joomla, WordPress and others with more than almost 100 extensions. There are reasons to choose Plesk web hosting and they are as follows:

  • SEO toolkit to deploy on site 
  • Robust security 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Supports the multi-tenant  

Web professionals such as in digital agencies, infrastructure providers, IT admins, content managers, Plesk is a common thing to use and the main competitor to cPanel. 


As the name goes, it is a web-based admin panel for ease of system administrator to let them manage Unix servers easily. It can support more than 100 Unix operating systems. It works on a comprehensive interface with some underlying applications with ease of configuration such as SSH, web, database, mail, and others. It is a module-based one that makes it easy to add functionality as required and one can use the plugins from server management at its best. It has more than 100 modules that are ready to be used for your web hosting server. 


It is another excellent hosting control panel that comes with three different access levels that are admin, users and reseller. The levels have different level of features to use for web hosting and they are:

  • Admins can get access to DNS administration with clustering, user management and ease of software upgrade 
  • Resellers can have ease of package management and handle the account with host of its features 
  • Users can access the file on database, email administration, site backup and offer with ease of FTP management  


It is an efficient and powerful web hosting control panel that is perfect for Linux and BSD systems. It has an intuitive interface, suitable for beginners and perfect to run it on Mobile, tablet, desktop and others. It is an open-source software with excellent premium support. It supports over 100, 000 installations that are suitable to use for the virtual web hosting solutions at its best. It is easy to install, and soon after this you can get a host of features to use on it such as email, domain, web, analytics, reporting and others. It gives exclusive features to work and easy to get by 2-way authentication and LDAP authentication and management and other advanced control tools to use for your website hosting service. 


When having to use several business servers, logging into each one of them can be tiresome and not a practical idea to execute. To make it less time-consuming, you have to incorporate the latest tool that can handle server better and give attention to them with timely maintenance for its smooth functioning for the website work. Before you install, read the feature details and it shall help to manage the server panels easily and maintain it right.

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