What is Namecheap 

What is Namecheap Web Hosting, Features, Options, Plans, Customer Service

Namecheap is a domain name registrar which provides domain name registration and web hosting. Namecheap is ICANN accredited. It was founded by ‘Richard Kirkendall’ in the year 2000. Name cheap allows you to register brand new domain names. It offers you top deals and provides everything that your website needs. Namecheap has been given a 4.7 star rating out of 5 by more than two million customers.  

what is namecheap

What is Namecheap Web Hosting

You can understand Namecheap on the basis of the points given below –

Namecheap Features 

Features of Namecheap are as follows:

  • You can register your domain name and create your online identity using Namecheap easily
  • It provides the customers with advanced domain name generators to help them get their ideal choices in no time 
  • If you already have a domain registered somewhere then Namecheap provides you with free and easy domain transfers 
  • You can discover all domain extensions 
  • Namecheap effectively provides speed, space, simplicity
  • You get the option to add professional email which you can use for sending emails to your customers using your very own website that is from @yourwebsite.com 
  • You get reliable, secure private email connected to your domain 
  • With just $11.88 per year, you can complete with business tools and calendar for your professional email 
  • Namecheap also provides security for you and your customers
  • It gives its customers 2-factor Authentication for your website which is included free with their account 
  • It offers a wide range of apps to boost performance of your business  

Namecheap Options

Namecheap provides space, speed, simplicity and super power by giving access to the options as follows: 

  • VPS
  • Shared 
  • Dedicated
  • Managed WordPress 
  • Customers can also try Site Maker to help them getting their personal site online 

Namecheap’s Important Factors

  • VPN
  • PremiumDNS
  • It provides low cost SSL Certificates

Namecheap Tools

Namecheap boosts the performance of your business by providing you with a range of apps. Here are the tools that will aid the performance of your business: 

  • Supersonic CDN- It is free to use. 
  • Logo Maker- It is used for free. 
  • Relate- It is from $0/ month.
  • EasyWP- It is from $0/ month. 
  • Stencil- It is used for free. 
  • Validation.com- It costs the customers $8.88 per month. 
  • Weebly- Charges from $8 per month. 
  • Ghost Machine- This app charges from $4.99 per month. 
  • Hosting- from $34.88 per month. 
  • Strikingly- This app charges $10/month. 
  • Site Maker- It costs customers $3.88 per month. 
  • Business Card- This app charges $18.88 per month. 
  • FastVPN- It starts from $0 per month. 
  • Google Workspace- It starts from $6 per month. 

Why Namecheap

  • It provides everything that the customers require for their business and enhances the performance of their online existence. 
  • Products and services at affordable prices which benefits your business and online existence. 
  • It is all about its customers by providing them with a proper guarantee of privacy and security. 
  • It takes care that the internet becomes a place to be open, safe and free for its customers. 
  • It also supports the rights of the customers and individuals online. 
  • It provides 24/7 customer support with real humans assisting the customers and not the bots. 

Namecheap Web Hosting Plans

Namecheap ensures Secure, Stress free and Reliable experience. The web hosting plans offered by Namecheap are as follows: 

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • VPS
  • Email Hosting 

Namecheap Customer Service

Namecheap provides you with a customer support team with most expertise, highly professional and friendly people. The customer support team has real humans supporting and assisting with all the best they can. 

The assisting humans are there for your support anytime and 24/7. You will get assistance and support for any issue that might have occurred anytime. 

Important Facts and Points to Ponder

Here are some important points you must know about Namecheap if you are ready to use it:

  • Namecheap’s stellar Plus plan offers the customers unmetered disk space which is only for the customers’ Website. 
  • Under Namecheap, only first time Shared Hosting customers are eligible for their 30 day money back guarantee. 
  • It provides a free domain name with purchase of any biennial or annual Shared Hosting plan as long as the domain name is not considered premium. 
  • Namecheap provides Cloud Storage only with Stellar Business plans that have an EU or a US datacenter.
  • It should be remembered that all Namecheap Private Email plans have a free trial period of 60 days. have 60 days free trial period. 
  • Namecheap gives 5 per Namecheap accounts for the Starter plan 
  • 1 per Namecheap account for the Ultimate and Pro plan free trials. 
  • One important thing to remember is that you cannot use all trial offerings more than once per domain.

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