What is Liquid web

What is Liquid web, Products, Features, Customer Support

Liquid web is set to be theMost helpful humans in hosting”. What if your website is down? In this case the users will not be able to find your website online novel day get access to your services and products which you offer them online. In this case liquid web has great customer support and is largely reliable. Liquid web is the most loved and widely used managed hosting provider. It has a leading NPS score of 67. With excellent customer service liquid web helps you with their great assistance from their team experts and knowledgeable people. This article will discuss liquid web and will provide you with some basic information on it. 

what is liquid web

What is Liquid Web

Liquid web is a managed hosting company dedicated to cloud and web professionals. It provides managed cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting. It actually offers 24/7 & 365 days support along with expert staff groups and provides services, products as well.  

Liquid Web Products

Here are the reliable and trusted products offered by the Liquid web:

  • VPS
  • Dedicated
  • VMware Private Cloud
  • Cloud Dedicated
  • Managed WooCommerce
  • Managed WordPress
  • Private VPS Parent
  • Magento Cloud 

Liquid Web – Other Important Features and Products

  • Liquid web offers their customers with hosting platforms for their business requirements that are custom-built.
  • Liquid Web offers high performance
  • Liquid web distributes web traffic across servers to minimize latency. 
  • In order to reduce the downtime, it offers customers high availability which means offering multi server environments 
  • It gives database hosting
  • One of the important products offered by Liquid web is ‘HIPAA’. It means Liquid web gives compliant hosting for the healthcare industry. 
  • Its focus translates to services products and support specially created for the applications, stores and mission critical sites. 
  • Liquid web has around 250 plus experienced engineers, technicians and administrators specially skilled and devoted to solve all your issues within no time and make your task easy and reliable. 
  • It effectively empowers your business potential. 

Why go for Liquid Web

That provides a wide range and choice of hosting products. It provides 24/7 and 365 days of customer support via phone chat and help desk which guarantees assistance within 59 seconds which is a good sign about liquid web because all their customer support and help are skilled and knowledgeable humans and not the bots.

Liquid web wisely and reliably empowers your business and increases the value of your hosting. 

Liquid Web Customer Support

Liquid web is the most reliable when it comes to customer service and you can definitely reach out to liquidweb 24/7 and 365 days through their customer service team. All of the following human support guarantees you an initial response within 59 seconds. The customer service of liquid web is as follows: 

  • Customer support via Phone
  • Customer support via Chat
  • Customer support via Helpdesk 

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