What is Hostinger, Tools, Benefit

What is Hostinger, ways to Install and Use Hostinger, Guides with WordPress Plans, Benefits, Right Tool

Hostinger is a web hosting service that provides shared web hosting assistance. This is a web hosting service on a basic level that helps to host your website on server, in line with other website options online. All the sites will share a single server resource and cost. Resulting from this, the shared option will lower the web hosting service cost. On Hostinger, it offers easy user registration to users and one can opt for it when planning for online service. It is a safe and secured source that has come up with money back service and ease of integration with other tools. This makes it easy for the users to set up hosting services for online platforms and establish good online connectivity for the service. 

what is hostinger

What is Hostinger

The web hosting service is available for single, premium and business level of service packages. Depending on your business requirement, you have to choose the right package with the set of benefits. Check the benefits under each package in detail before investing for it. 

Here, one can opt for either two year or four-year plans and can get significant discounts when they opt for it from reliable sources. You are sure to get decent plans for your business and it could be the best hosting package for your business for ease of use. 

Other than the choice of server under this hosting service, there is the option of unlimited storage, monthly data transfer, and email process to share via web hosting service. This is one of its unique features that set it apart from the rest. 

What are the ways to Install and Use Hostinger

If you are not sure about the use of a Hostinger account, some simple steps mentioned below can help you understand it better. For this, knowing some of the features of the service can help the users. 

Hosting order and set up  –

Clients should give suitable details for complete registration of domain name and accordingly get the setup of it. By following the right steps, it can take less time. 

To complete a web hosting set up, go from the home section and press the setup and click on the next hosting order that you wish to set up. This would open up a new window that will redirect to the domain setup page and you have to enter suitable details here before taking it to the next step. 

Complete VPS Order 

You have to finish the VPS order from the ‘Home’ section on the first page and click on the setup option to take it to the next step of the order. The next step is to choose the right operating system, give the correct VPS hostname and enter the data center location. After this, hit the setup button and it would complete the process. 

How Hostinger Guides with WordPress Plans

There are multiple Hostinger WordPress plans with different specs and packages as per requirement of users. There can be a single plan, starter plan, business plans and pro plan. Accordingly, there will be coverage for the number of websites, monthly visitors and the services to enjoy on the plans. You have to go through the features of a plan and choose the one that suits the business needs the best. 

The onboarding is easy as it helps the site to go and it will become live in just minutes. You can migrate the existing sites either manually or using the agent of Hostinger. 

What are the Benefits to enjoy when using Hostinger?

  1. Uptime – When planning to use the best web hosting site, the uptime of the site is important to choose the right one. Hostinger offers an assured time of 99.99% which is an excellent standard for business speed. Hostinger can offer the best uptime rate among rest and it is one of the reasons to choose it.  
  2. Regular automatic backup – There is daily or weekly backup that is offered on the hostinger plan you go for. The regular backups are important to ensure that there is no problem of data loss or file corruption. It is not advisable to lose data when there is hacking attempt, broken drive and others or accidents. It ensures that you don’t lose all data and can cover up for it any time with help of backups. 
  3. Fast loading time – It is great to work with good loading time, otherwise, customers tend to lose interest on a particular website and they tend to leave the site. When using Hostinger, you can expect fast website loading which is one of the best to invest in for this service plan.  
  4. WordPress acceleration – When starting a website with WordPress, Hostinger makes it all very easy. It is mainly powered by LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress that mainly uses cache integration and proper management of service. It can easily optimize the site with ease of automatic page, private cache and others. It helps schedule automatic purges for using any specific URLs. This makes it a SEO-friendly option to work with and effective compilation to use this website tool for your business needs. 

How is Hostinger the Right Tool for You?

Hostinger is fast 

The hostinger goes through speed testing using a suitable server checker. It sets a benchmark that it is in the best of speed as per Google. It quickly responds to pings from users online and thus, a preferred one among the rest as a fast website server to use. 

Use of excellent custom dashboard 

It is one of the best hosting services that use the top rated UI of cPanel to make it fast to use and easy to manage the options. Moreover, the dashboard is clean and intuitive to use. The features are listed categorically with a minimalistic icon that is easy to get access to. It is mainly the creativity of the designing team of this hosting service that make it stand out with its excellent service.  

Responsive online support 

Hostinger offers responsive online support to customers as and when required and it is mainly for the benefit of users. It makes the use of the hosting company productive, easy, and awesome to choose over other options. This pleasant customer support assistance is also great to invest in this option over the rest. 

Free domain 

Hostinger is offering domain names for free from the hosting service and it is a great help for new entrepreneurs who wish to set their website server online. Requesting for the domain name can be expensive and it is another advantage to choose Hostinger and make it easy on your pockets. 

Excellent features

The list of features is impressive to have the suitable service plans and continue with the features at its best. Some of its features are as follows:

  • Websites – By using hostinger, it allows to use website as many as one could use smoothly 
  • Bandwidth – With Hostinger, you do not have to worry about high traffic or low downtime as it will be easy to get the best service on it 
  • Accessibility of email – When users avail Premium plan under Hostinger, it offers ease of using email with the benefit of unlimited storage option. 
  • Besides, its introductory price is worth investing for this web hosting service and avail of the best of benefits for your business. 

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