7 Fastest Web Hosting Servers 2022

7 Fastest Web Hosting Servers 2022, Name, Features

To get fastest web hosting server for your website, a little research can help you get the latest options with its advanced features. It should offer reliable and fastest service and does not require much of technical knowledge to work with. The included plugins on the selected server should be beneficial to work with and easy to use it for your website. A fast web hosting server helps boost the sales funnel of your online business. Below are mentioned the fastest options and you can choose the one that suits your business needs and pattern in the best way.  

Fastest Web Hosting Servers

7 Fastest Web Hosting Servers 2022

1. Hostinger 

It is one of the popular web hosting servers of 2022 with excellent shared plans that are perfect for effective VPS plans. You can get the service at an affordable rate which is worth the investment you make. But one should not compare the rate of one hosting server with another as it varies in the range of features offered. 

It has a variety of VPS hosting plans that mainly comes with full root access, dedicated IP, IPV4 and IPV6 support and DDR4 RAM. In addition to this, one can get SSD storage facility, high bandwidth option and ease of getting domain name under this or free. You can also choose between operating systems of Windows or Linux and make the pan work perfectly for your business. 

Therefore, this web hosting is one of the fastest operating due to its lightspeed server and high performing SSD that offers an excellent overall service that is worth investing for. It offers money back option due to which you can try its risk-free plans and know which one would be suitable to meet your business requirements. This is how you can get hands-on a reliable and affordable VPS plan. 

If you are in search of the fastest web hosting server that is budget friendly for monthly expenses, this can be your long-term plan that offers the best service package that is a great value for money. 

Key Features of Hostinger

Testing the page speed 

In this, you have to check time to first Byte or TTFB, initial connection time, and average loading time that helps decide whether it can operate at its best possible speed. The speed mainly determines the latest technology on which it is running and how impactful it can be for your business web hosting connectivity. 

Server loading test 

The speed test result would show how fast it can run and given that; it can take up to almost 250 requests in 1 minute. This excellent response time of almost 220ms is great to know its testing capacities and can allow download of 55MB within 1 minute. This great speed is worth the money one would spend to hostinger server for business needs. 

Hosting optimization

To invest in one of the fastest hosting plans, this server is the one. It is powered by OpenLiteSpeed that boosts a high TTFB plan for effective functioning and running of the web server. It removes the web cache easily, facilitating the download and upload time taken when accessing via the server. This is another critical determining point to choose this server over the rest. 

Therefore, given the plan of web hosting on Hostinger, it is an affordable one and a suitable one to invest in for the best results. 

2. Cloudways 

If your hosting resources are required on demand, this is a cheap and flexible form of hosting server. Its scalability, level of performance and the hosting resources are great to choose it over others. This is another fast-hosting solution that is worth investing and it would easily cater to your business requirements. It is easy to load the websites, run it safely from hackers and it helps contribute to business growth. 

Some of its notable features are

  • It offers high performing service and thus, gives the best response time 
  • It is powered by WooCommerce that is a reliable one giving high scalability and availability to cover up for business needs 
  • It is managed by WordPress service to handle the clone environment in the best way possible 
  • The clone environment makes it easy to adjust with recent and regular updates and easily can place the changes live. The automatic updates on the site are secured to get for the hosting service 
  • Cloudways is one of the best options for the options that are powered by WooCommerce. The online server benefits to offer no matter what the size of the traffic is and offers suitable scalability, helping business grow in its own potential 

Other Key Features of Cloudways 

  1. Testing page’s speed – It offers the best speed with an excellent response time of 720ms seconds that makes it a leader from the rest. However, there can be slight change in the response time depending on the place where you are using this hosting server for business needs. Here, the initial and average loading time helps understand how it works as the fastest one, keeping intact all its features and responsive for the users. 
  2. Server loading Time – In this, it takes 125 MS to facilitate 250 customer requests. If you are into blogging, and want to deploy a super-fast website to work with, this Cloudways is the best one to invest in and rely on. Moreover, if you have to work on WordPress sites more, it is better to choose this high performing site that can give suitable returns. 
  3. Hosting Optimization – Cloudways works with some of the fastest servers and they help with excellent scalability, with a dedicated set of firewalls to offer the required prevention and optimizing with the latest caches required on the portal. It also offers an excellent set of PHP cloud processes to work with its latest version. 

3. WP Engine 

If in search of an exclusive website hosting server with the best service and package options to invest in, it is WP Engine to go for. With an excellent TTFB of 140ms, it has a page speed of 1.1 seconds. It is one of the fast-managed one and other prominent features make it on the top of the list. The premium price plans make it an alluring option among users with its exceptional speed and the highlighting features.

However, the high price of the hosting server may be a problem but given the features, it is worth investing for the good of your business. It has measures that help to keep things in place and run steady. These are as follows:


  • It uses AWS server and Google Cloud to assure better quality service and is compatible with fastest hardware used on the site 
  • It helps battle the latency and offers almost 20 data center options to work with 
  • It has an excellent proprietary caching technology to work with 
  • It can enhance the performance of the site and has a free CDN to work with. This is how it becomes easy to ensure that the content is spread quickly to different sources online 
  • As there is possibility of specialization of WordPress site, it can offer different automatic updates and customization for the site that can guarantee fastest of the web hosting service to invest for 

This web hosting server passes all tests along with its stress test that helps handle the traffic spike on the site. This helps add up for a high number of monthly visitors easily and stay ahead of the competition for the online business service. In addition, it can handle almost 30 VUs perfectly which is another reason to invest in this one. 

4. WPX

This is considered to be the brainchild of Terry Kyle, who has shown his expertise in SEO and online business. This is something where he wishes to invest and make a difference with a web hosting server that is highly responsive. WPX has three different tiers and it is business, professional and elite and you have to invest for the plan as per your business requirement. You have to go through the list of features under each category before making a final decision to choose the right one. Each of its plans is available for monthly or annual setup and you can go for the one that suits the business needs the best. 

Highlighting Hosting Features:

  • Hosting service up to 5 sites 
  • Gives access to almost 100GB of storage 
  • Email service
  • Staging 
  • Custom CDN of up to 26 global centers 
  • Malware scanning
  • Free site migration
  • Ease of customer assistance 
  • 100GB of bandwidth range for ease of service 

However, one can get access to these features when opting for the business plan. 

How is WPX different from the rest?

WPX sites are different due to its WordPress hosting sites that are perfect for SEO and the service of affiliate marketers. It offers specialized service for the ones who are trying to use online websites for blogging and the high-end website developers. The technical team of this web hosting service is prompt to guide you right away with any technical problems. 

The growing plan is worth investing for its excellent range of services and is best for WordPress. Some of its benefits are:

  • Excellent loading time
  • It is run by WordPress hosting server 
  • Its great uptime is worth working with 
  • It offers a disk space of 100 GB 

Why choose this over the rest?

It is one of the best web hosting servers with excellent support and speed to offer and therefore, worth investing for the return it gives. 

5. SiteGround

It is another web hosting platform that caters to a broad range of audience online. It offers basic hosting features to manage the WordPress set up and can offer high end hosting features to work with. It has been built from ground speed and thus, has the basics of web hosting service plans to work on a faster web platform. 

Highlighting features of the platform:

  • Enables hosting for one site
  • It offers 10 GB of drive space 
  • It enables server-side caching 
  • It offers free of CDN and SSL
  • It allows ease of email hosting
  • With this, one can get 10, 000 unique online visitors monthly 
  • It offers daily backup facility 
  • It is an excellent site migration service to work with 

How is this web hosting platform different?

It is an expensive platform compared to other competitors. Users have to put in additional revenue to get access to the best standard of service for the best speed and have a smooth web hosting platform to work on. It helps create plugins easily and other tools that cater to various requirements of customers and automatically enhance the site speed in the best way possible. 

However, it offers a disk space of 10 Gb and has great in-house SuperCacher, with cloud hosting and SSD drive space features to avail of in its premium plan. Along with this, you can get advanced security on the site with unmetered traffic that is great to invest for this platform. 

6. Kinsta

Kinsta is one of the leading WordPress hosting platforms that came in to being in 2013. It has the unique purpose of helping website build the best of WordPress platform with the ngnix server to work with.

Is it the fastest hosting server?

It is the fastest hosting server that does not require any technical knowledge to operate and use the platform. After ease of installing the plugins, it becomes easy to handle the server with its advanced level of feature, conflicts and the problem can be solved easily.

It comes with excellent Google Cloud Platform and can enjoy the flexibility and control that is necessary to work on WordPress site. This hosting server is perfectly optimized to run it with WordPress and can also be optimized for specific websites. Gives the extensive range of its latest features, it becomes easy to work on this platform.

What are the key features of Kinsta?

  • When using Kinsta performing web hosting, the main idea is to create the best of hosting service that provides security, stability and speed
  • It offers everything required to work on a WordPress site and it includes 10 GB of disk space, free SSL, CDN staging and 25, 000 of bandwidth accessibility
  • It offers excellent free website migration that is worth the money you spend for this hosting services.
  • The constant uptime assistance and speed of page loading is excellent when sudden surge of the traffic that make it easy to work on

Other features are:

  • It allows hosting for one WordPress website
  • It offers automatic backup
  • It gives 10 GB of storage
  • It invites almost 25, 000 unique visitors
  • It has free CDN and SSL certificate
  • It gives excellent customer support for users
  • It allows free of site migration
  • It minimizes the chance of hack or malware problem on the site

Though, a bit on the expensive range, it can handle high volume of traffic on the site in its monthly plan. The common upgrade on the site makes it a leading performer with reliable support for the help of the users.

7. InMotion

It is a hosting plan that is faster than other shared plans as users on this platform do not have to wait for visitors from the site to get access to your site. With help of this hosting server, it enables effective sharing with others. The VPS hosting is secure and stable and does not require any additional experience to work with. Therefore, it can be an excellent choice for the beginners to pick this option.

This is one such VPS hosting with fast response time and guarantee advanced and stable website performance with better privacy features and control. The server performance comes with the optimized VPS website that helps to cover up for your specific business needs.

It covers up for unlimited features such as websites, domains, databases, MySQL, individual cPanel and sub-accounts, FTP account and email accessing with other facilities included in the plan.    

Some notable features

Testing the page speed

Its plan is compelling and performance is extraordinary which is available for an expensive rate. It comes with onload plugins and takes almost 100 MS for its initial connection. The TTFB of the hosting server is 140 MS and average loading time is 1.2 MS that is fast among the rest website.

Testing server load

It can take 250 requests in almost 171 MS and this is one of the best to get from an VPS plan. It is considered to be a consistent response that is worth investing for your business needs.

Limits of hosting optimization

It is a NGINX server to use this web hosting platform. In its VPS plan, you can get access to 3 IP addresses to work with. It has to two types of VPS service that is managed by its cloud servers and therefore, worth investing for.

Wrapping it up

If website load takes longer to load, you are sure to lose your potential visitors and it eventually impacts on sales funnel. Try to choose the hosting server that offers great speed optimization feature and is worth investing for its features.

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