What is DreamHost

What is DreamHost, Advantages, Features, Types, Security, Backup Support,

To let your visitors and the search engine trust you, you need to make a prominent position online. This is possible by means of fast and secured website presence that is well optimized with an excellent web hosting service. But you cannot choose any random hosting server as it may not be a reliable and suitable one. Try to go by authentic source that can deliver the best support for web hosting and has plenty of server plans with a host of features to choose from. 

what is dremhost

What is DreamHost

In this regard, DreamHost is a preferred WordPress host that is used by millions today for its excellent feature package. This excellent option is available for different price points and you can ask the one that suits your business needs the best.

DreamHost Advantages

  • Excellent time guarantee 
  • Unlimited usage of data storage and bandwidth 
  • Unlimited MySQL database 
  • Unlimited use of sites that can be hosted from the same account  
  • Free domain with privacy features to have access to 
  • Ease of one-click installation of software 
  • Outstanding customer support that is available round the clock 
  • Unlimited access to subdomains 
  • Free of domain names with top-level of security and privacy features to get access to 

DreamHost Highlighting Features

  1. 100% of uptime that is offered in all plans
  2. SSDs on the VPS and shared plans for better reliability and speed of site 
  3. Unlimited bandwidth 
  4. It offers cloud storage for ease of security and access 
  5. There is an easy control panel to use 
  6. The technical team is available round the clock to offer support 
  7. It can offer unlimited domain name for 275 extensions 
  8. It offers storage of data 
  9. It allows enough of WordPress installation which is easy to accomplish 
  10. On this, one can go for one click of installation of apps such as Joomla, WordPress and others 
  11. The cloud storage is easy to use and it is a fully secured one 

Therefore, based on your business needs, one can opt for the monthly plans and select the features one would get in it. 

How to Grow Your Website Faster with DreamHost?

If you have invested in DreamHost, it helps create the best of the foundation and these is possible due to its following features:

Easy to use 

The custom control function is easy to use for this hosting server and can remove the problem of managing a web hosting server. 

Full of features 

This web hosting server is a feature packed one that does more than web hosting for your website. It is a suite that includes everything to make your website successful online and maintain its prominent presence online. 

Constant support 

The experts of the web hosting server are available round the clock to offer suitable support for the customers. It is mainly to help them set the website right and know how to get access to the features in just one click. You can reach out for them any time you want to and will help you fix the issues on accessing the web hosting server. 

Reliable and fast 

If the website is low or down, it can lead to the problem of losing customers, and lower the chance of high search engine ranks. For this, you should have a fast and reliable web hosting server to work with and it should not take much time to load a web page. It helps retain the attention of potential visitors on your site and they would visit again. 

DreamHost Hosting Types

It comes with a range of hosting solutions that can be customized depending on website requirement. It can be mainly for WordPress, Ecommerce and small organizations. The options to choose from are listed as below:

Shared hosting plan on low cost 

It is an affordable hosting option for small businesses that do not get high levels of traffic. It is a website that is stored and shared with other servers and makes it easy to work with. The plans are such that it can be used for blogs, personal and business websites and database drive sites for your business. In this, you will get one free domain name and can host any number of unlimited domains that suits your business purpose the best. Along with this, it offers unlimited bandwidth alongside storage facilities when on this plan. 

VPS hosting plan

When having a large business, or planning to have a hosting server for e-commerce, this VPS plan is the ideal to go for. This private server will offer benefits over a dedicated server without any rise in the plan price. In this, you can avail of the following features:

  • Unlimited service of bandwidth 
  • Customized control panel
  • Up to 8 GB of free RAM space 
  • 30 GB to 240 GB of SSD storage for ease of usage on the server 

Dedicated server plan

When planning to get a hosting service to handle heavy traffic or large business, a dedicated server is the suitable one. It would be easy to manage the sites online and suitable to handle the tasks with a lot of traffic. This is an expensive type of hosting server and it comes with plenty of features like:

  • 4 Gb to 6GB of RAM
  • Unlimited bandwidth facility 
  • Full shell and ease of root access 
  • New SSDs 
  • Web based control panel 
  • 2 TB of HDD storage up to 240 GB of storage 

Managed WordPress hosting server

WordPress is a popular web hosting option that is perfect for small scale business and one it is easy to explore DreamHost plans on it. The site can be fully optimized for WordPress work and blogs. Some WordPress specific plans to get from the hosting features are:

  • VPS hosted
  • 1-click of staging 
  • Free of site migration within 48 hours 
  • A free SSL certificates 
  • Space of up to 12 GB SSD storage 
  • Ease of using WordPress plugin or theme 
  • Supports higher PHP versions for ease of work 

Cloud Hosting 

The cloud hosting service under DreamHost is DreamCloud. It consists of public cloud computing features with storage facilities. It is a better form of VPS to deploy and one can customize the options available for cloud servers. Therefore, it serves a scalable storage service with ease of data access any time you want to do so for your website work. 

How is DreamHost Unique from Rest?

DreamHost is perfect for WordPress and has been hosting WordPress blogs for several years now and it will offer over 1.5 million sites. The web hosting offers websites that are a great start when using the web hosting service, the first time. It has to be a user-friendly one to offer flexibility for the users’ needs. Moreover, the customer support is available round the clock to help users with timely updates and some valuable resource that helps in maintaining the website right. 

The DreamHost is mainly optimized for performance and it is a preconfigured one that is easy to maintain. It ensures that every website under it is running on time and smoothly and is perfectly designed for WordPress’s operations. It comes with packages that are platform specific and helps manage WordPress easily without any prior need of technical knowledge. 

When websites are planning to create an online presence, and retain it for a long time, it is perfect for employee-owned companies. It will be an easy hosting journey to go on and get access to simple to use features that would be perfect to use for. Therefore, it is a suitable and easy one to do for the beginners in the field. 

How does DreamHost help Maintain Security of your site?

DreamHost has a tool that helps find malware and fix the problem on customer websites. The security feature is free and opens with SSL or TLS certificate and includes the benefit of free domain with excellent privacy facilities. Its multiple layers of protection are as follows:

Gives protection to personal details

The proxy protection details replace the client’s contact details with others

Protects spamming to emails 

When an email is sent to proxy address, it will be forwarded to clients ID which remains a secret act 

Protects the persona and contact details 

The unwanted callers will get an automated recording that helps them to stay connected with a proxy email 

What kind of backup support to get from DreamHost?

The features are set in such a way that its backup process is an efficient and full-proof one. It is a necessary thing to follow, no matter what the size of the business is. It is DreamPress that helps in ease of managing the backups and create adequate ones with confidence that it can be automatically retrieved as and when required. This is better than opting for daily manual backup that can be tiresome to complete. 

In DreamHost, the backup would be stored for up to two weeks with easy access to it. It is a reliable backup that offers regular protection for the website and it is worth investing for such disasters. Therefore, the backup and restore feature on the hosting server is an excellent plan to invest and get suitable returns from it. 

Details to know about site’s uptime and performance

It is often assumed that an informative and a great looking website is what visitors will bear with if it is a bit slow. However, slow loading time resulting in poor performance impacts the bounce rate and can impact on brand negatively which is not desirable. The small business owners and entrepreneurs cannot afford to be offline and so, they have to invest in the right hosting server. This is where DreamHost offers a full uptime guarantee and it is easy to manage it with 100% of uptime. It can deliver a reliable infrastructure and can compensate for users when there is a problem of interruption on the server online. 


Q : Are DreamHost payment options easy to choose from?

Ans : It accepts different payment options such as through PayPal, American Express, Credit or Debit card and others. 

Q : How to contact customer support at DreamHost?

Ans : It is easy to get in touch with customer support as it is available round the clock and you can call them, send email, or opt for live chat. You can also set the language that you wish to use for the conversation with the customer support team. 

Q : Which is the cheapest server plan?

Ans : The cheapest plan is of rupees 20 and it gives a good money guarantee option for the help of users.

Q : How to register with domains on DreamHost?

Ans : DreamHost gives domain names for free depending on the plans you opt for. It has excellent privacy option to offer as per the yearly cost you opt for and you can ask for the domain names while registering for the hosting server plans online. 

Q : Is it difficult to install WordPress on DreamHost?

Ans : DreamHost managed WordPress hosting which is known as DreamPress. The WordPress is easy to install, no matter which hosting plan you have opted for and this built-in option is ready for one-click installation within the control features and easy to use. 

Q : How to Migrate on DreamHost?

Ans : If you wish to move the web hosting server to DreamHost, the first is to create the account. It is to be done through the signup process and one has to select the option to add it to your current domain to the new one and it is easy to do. After this you have backup the files and then upload it to DreamHost. This is how it becomes easy to migrate on DreamHost and check its functionalities for confirmation.  

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