What is cPanel

What is cPanel, Famous Option, Pros, Cons

cPanel is a familiar name in the arena of web hosting. It came into the existence about 25 years ago. cPanel is deemed as a reliable server and site managing platform that helps us in publishing websites, domain management, organizing email accounts, web files, and so on. So let us go through the article to delve into the details of cPanel. Here we will be talking about it salient features, pros, and cons.

what is cPanel

What is cPanel

cPanel refers to an online graphical interface that is meant for the simplification of a website. cPanel is a Linux-based GUI. cPanel is prevalent in countries like the USA. Companies do include cPanel in hosting packages. cPanel helps in publishing websites, creating email accounts, managing web files, and many more. Moreover, cPanel being a third-party application is not free. But in some plans, cPanel gets included with no additional charges. 

cPanel uses two interfaces. One of these is cPanel and the second one is Web Host Manager. cPanel is related to the user interface while Web Host Manager is the server management interface. 

cPanel Highlights

Name of the software cPanel
Releasing year21 March 1996
Operating SystemLINUX, Android, IOS
PurposeHelps in the simplification of web-hosting process.

Famous cPanel Host Options

Famous cPanel Host Options


With the help of cPanel, Hostgator is hosting a lot of domains. Hostgator which is one of the most popular and reliable service providers is best known for its high rate uptime, 24*7 support, and so on.


GreenGeeks is one of the most acknowledged web hosting services. GreenGeeks uses cPanel for WordPress installations, free site migration, and so on.


It is deemed as the best-rated web hosting service. It stands as one of the oldest web hosting companies that use cPanel. 

cPanel Pros

  • It includes Automatic Software Installation.
  • It has numerous features like producing site backups, FTP accounts, and so on.
  • cPanel stands compatible with web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on.
  • cPanel forum contains plenty of resources. These help in solving issues. 
  • Dedicated technical modules are available.
  • cPanel provides is a user-friendly interface with organized and manageable modules.
  • It helps in accessing more than 400 applications.

cPanel Cons

  • There is a chance of data loss or even corruption.
  • It offers a high license cost.
  • If we fail to up-to-date our cPanel version, there is a chance of security threat.

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