Top 5 Most Common WordPress Hosting Problems

Top 5 most common WordPress hosting problems

WordPress hosting server is a reliable platform for websites but it isn’t free from common issues. As you start to use it, you are sure to encounter certain common problems. But if you are aware of nature of problems, it will be easy to handle it right. Even if you are working on a simple CMS function, issues may arise any time and hinder smoothing working on the website. The situation may seem to be desperate for beginners and they may find it challenging when unable to fix it. It is the technical aspect of server management that is usually at fault and needs to be resolved soon by the expert team. However, the problems aren’t the result of conflicting plugins, hacked site or unreliable theme, but others. This is where experts can guide you right in the field and fix the technicalities better. Go through the common situation and gather idea to know what steps to take when such problems crop up. 

Most Common WordPress Hosting Problems

Top 5 Most Common WordPress Hosting Problems

1. Slow loading Server Issues affecting WordPress

No matter how effectively you optimize the WordPress page for ease of loading, it can slow down or corrupt at any point of time. How to deal with it and fix it? You have to look for its configurations and check the plugins installed along with theme and check for any malfunctioning on the website. This is how it would be easy to identify the root of the server issue and fix it from root to prevent its frequent occurrence.

The server issues are tricky problems and it tends to slow down loading time of a page. Internet users always prefer browsing through sites that enables fast loading and if it takes more loading time, they may not return to the website again. If it takes more than three seconds, brand can lose potential customers and eventually revenue. The reasons of a site to lag behind:

  • Poor optimization of website
  • Slow server of site
  • Slow loading of the external scripts   

In other situation, the plugins and scripts can also slow down the site or by other third-party sites. So, one has to be careful when adding in random plugins and extensions on the browser.   

How to Fix when website is loading slowly?

Check online server status of hosting server by using the tools given by hosting service. many services have dedicated page to indicate status of for server live. Some service helps to go further to check the domain issues and find the root problem of the same. You can contact the customer support team and helps resolve the problem at its best.

If the page slows down, it can be due to fault of neighboring website that is impact on the main site. The website service representative would suggest to upgrade to better VPS service to cut on chance of slow web page.

If you know that there is no problem with its down time, next would be to check bandwidth. It may be due to traffic spike on the server. For this, you have to monitor the bandwidth from admin panel of the hosting server. If the PHP goes mismatched it can result in other frequent problems. It tends to slow down the theme, use of plugins and the WordPress itself. So, it is recommended to use latest PHO version from hosting panel to maintain the speed of hosting server and website. Without the latest version, you can ask for it from the support team of the server support team and fix the issue. 

2. Poor Quality of Server

Poor quality or instable server can result in lower the experience of opening or operating website site. When it is unavailable to visitors, it impacts on how users perceive the website and lowers the chance whether they would visit the again or not. For instance, if a small business website gets a chance to drive in attention and clicks from potential visitors and website suddenly slows down with traffic in the middle of browsing. It is followed by website crash and will slow down keeping the visitors impatient and they won’t visit again.

It has a bad effect on brand image and website service and it is mainly due to its instable server which needs to be fixed soon before further updates on the site.

Ways to fix the problem

To fix such problem is to use multi-container server system that offers good uptime. This game changing advancement in technology can make a difference in traffic surge and help to automatically use the tool on server such that it helps to keep up the website server right throughout.

By use of multiple load balanced containers, sites can be duplicated such that the site remains in good condition even when there is problem of outages.  

In this, it is better to use firewalls and SSL Certificate that is considered to be default by its security measures to be used by each hosting server.

3. Email Not Sending problem

Website owners prefer using email address that indicates the brand of the site and certainly check the accessibility of this feature when buying hosting service for the site.

The common addresses to be used for the website are to be connected with email platforms that helps drive in better sales lead and initiate communication with new customers, and retain their attention for a long time.

However, when there is problem in receiving the email smoothly, it indicates loss of potential customers via online marketing. You should not lose a chance to get the visitors and be prompt to reply soon by email service for website service. This is where one should give importance to email marketing, no matter how big or extensive the business is.

What are the ways to fix this issue?

First, you have to check by sending multiple emails to business email ID and if no new emails indicating in the inbox, it can happen that inbox is full and you have to change some settings directly from the server. You often have to forward message to email ID with domain name to someone’s account. Before doing this, it is important to check the settings in the email body before you forward it.

If using third party management tools like Microsoft Outlook. Hosting email would come under the list of active emails. The hosting admin settings can control the email account. You can also get access to web version of email inbox that make it easy to receive emails.

However, if you do not find any email list, you have to contact the support team who can guide you with necessary changes to be done on the email server.     

4. Uncertainty of Service cost

As there are plenty of web hosting companies available, it is important to pick one that is reliable. With this, you should check the price rate in detail, and ensure that you are not overcharged for it. Check details of hosting service plan and it should suit your business needs at its best. If the hosting provider is reliable, it should maintain transparency and offer affordable price rate that is easy to afford, no matter what the size of business is.

You have to choose from annual or monthly charges and choose as per usage. The plan should be perfect for traffic surge and plan should be to cope up with the traffic. Other than this, you have to opt for an upgraded plan from web hosting providers that caters to your business needs and can handle the sporadic surge in traffic on site. Depending on the traffic website has to face, you can opt for the premium cost as well and it should meet your business budget. When approaching service from top hosting providers, you can ask for customized plan and check its features before investing in it.

How to deal with it?

When it is about choosing the best hosting services, try to go by its reliability and reputation in the field. It ensures that the experts guide you with on what you pay for and what features you can get access to within the package you are paying for. Transparency of price rate can help to get the service from a top and reliable source.

If you are in doubt about the rate of traffic surges monthly on your site, it is suitable to go for usage-based solution that fits business needs in the best way possible. So, it is better to approach companies that give plans based on real business needs.

5. Not getting prompt customer support

Poor customer support is another problem that can crop up with hosting providers. It can take too long to resolve issues with WordPress hosting and its email support is also slow based on the ticketing system. Clients should not be responsible to handle the technicalities of the hosting servers and instead, it should be the prompt customer support to take care of it adequately. A proactive customer team is required the most to get the best guidance and run the hosting service right.

Some advantages of customer support:

  • Nothing like having to connect with an agent live and it helps them solve the problem instantly or get some advice 
  • When facing with VPS or virtual private server problem, the team can guide you better to deal with the problem
  • Constant website monitoring is important and if there is anything wrong, the team should provide adequate technical support to fix it on time.

Other than this, having to face WordPress hosting server problem is common and it should be easy to get in touch with customer support any time you want.

Fix it right:

Before relying on a company, check with its support team to gather better idea on how they can help fix the issues. If they can guide with permanent monitoring of hosting server, and leave you stress free, they are the suitable one to invest for.      

Wrapping it up

WordPress is among the top-rated CMS to deploy for business website online. Users benefit from its automation and functionalities with WordPress hosting plans from the companies. The hosting problems are common and crops up now and then. You have to get in touch with the experts and seek for suitable technical assistance. The common issues mentioned above will give better idea on what to do when such a situation occurs and how to face it right.

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