How to Check Web Hosting Server Speed

How to Check Web Hosting Server Speed, How to Improve

Friends, if you handle a website you might have faced traffic issues. These issues can be related to the loading speed of that website. So, it is crucial to keep an eye on the web hosting server speed for better performance of your website. In this article, we are going to tell you about web hosting servers, how to check Web Hosting Server Speed, and how to improve the speed of your website. So, let us go through the article to delve into the details.

how to check web hosting server speed

What is a Web Hosting Server

As you know Web Hosting service helps someone to publish their websites’ files online. This service is done by a certain server that houses websites or files, data, etc related to it. So it is very important to take care of the speed of the web hosting server as it affects the traffic on a website. For instance, if a website takes more than five seconds in getting loaded then it seems problematic.

How to Check Web Hosting Server Speed

There are many providers who will offer you free trials so that you check your Web Hosting Server Speed. Moreover, there are also a few determinants to convey about your Web Hosting Server Speed. So, let us go through these:

Distribution of Web Page Components

This is an important aspect that helps in determining the Web Hosting Server Speed. You need to check how the components of your website are distributed. Some checker tools do tell you about how many seconds each component takes while loading.

Considering Time to the first byte to check the speed

Time to first byte or TTFB depicts how responsive is your web server. If TTFB is faster, the loading of the website will be quicker.

Various Tools to check Web Hosting Server Speed

There are a number of effective and versatile tools that can help in determining Web Hosting Server Speed. For instance, GTMetrix, Uptrends, Site24*7, Pagespeed, Dareboost, Sucuri, and so on can easily help you with such an issue. Some platforms like Pingdom even monitor your website’s uptime and alert you. The process go check Web Hosting Server Speed can generally be summarized into these three steps:

  • You need to select a server location.
  • The checker will send an HTTP request to the respective host server.
  • The request would eventually tell how fast the entire process taking place.

How to Improve the Website Speed

Here are a few tips pertaining to the improvement of Website Speed:

  • You can use a lightweight theme while the installation of websites.
  • You can use compressed images to upload on your website.
  • Use a lesser amount of Ads on your website.
  • Remove the Render Blocking JavaScript.
  • Enabling Cache can help you in improving the speed of your website.

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