What is Bluehost

What is Bluehost, Benefit, Service List, Plans, Best Professional Marketing Service

If your business website demands managing of many WordPress sites of clients together without messing it up, Bluehost can be your hosting service. It has high potency to power millions of websites and simplifies the procedure to set up a website for beginners. If you do not have good knowledge on how to set up a company website, Bluehost can be the option. All of its plans have a free domain use option with excellent uptime, free CDN and SSL certificate to work with. With this web hosting, you can get every feature to work with under one platform and thus, the right option for your next website set up. 

what is bluehost

What is Bluehost

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What are the benefits to investing in the Bluehost server?

Some in-depth version of the hosting service can make it easy to ask for it and understand how effective it would be for your business website and other needs. 

Great level of security

Bluehost comes up with one of the best sets of security measures in the market and are efficient to help one with hours of tweaking working on the website. This helps restore the backup files as and when required and thus, with this set up, one can have complete peace of mind. So, it can be the go-to option for the beginners in the field and invest in it for suitable results. 

Most of the plans of this hosting server have resource protection with basic backup facility with monthly charges. With daily backup, it shall notify users for any changes. The basic version of the security feature includes 1 GB of storage with backup and restoration options. You can opt for expensive or pro plans that suit your business needs the best.  

Fast and extensive customer support 

The fast and extensive customer support is another excellent feature of this hosting service. It is of great help for the beginners to find out about the server in detail and have an idea on how to use it right. This efficient support will make it easy to install and use this server for business work. The live chat process is available to offer immediate support, round the clock and this is much needed by most users.

Easy to install and use 

Apart from being the most popular web hosting server with an outstanding package of features to use, it is easy to use. This is another important feature that hardly requires any technical knowledge for its onboarding. By following simple steps, the website would be ready up and running with an intuitive interface. This would make it easy for the beginners to achieve the website goals as one has thought of. Add the required feature on your site, with name and tagline and you are good to go.

Following these, choose the theme for your website and it can install WordPress for convenience of use. You have to go for customization options and Bluehost can handle the technical and backend process to help in fast and easy set up of the website.  

High performing servers 

Another thing great to talk about this hosting server is its high performing servers. One gets access to a dual quad processor performance server that helps keep up the ecommerce website functional and easy to use. This is an excellent option when planning to set up a large website. With this, the website users can use it maintaining good speed without the problem of the web pages slowing down. Even without the pro plan, the regular plans are just good to work with.

What is Bluehost Server Best For?

Bluehost is perfect for beginners to start a business website and easily go with the onboarding process. Even without prior technical knowledge, it is easy to start the website work. With easy navigation on it, the web hosting server ensures that the site is available publicly with plenty of uptime for ease of usage by users.

If you are looking to start an ecommerce business with plenty of products to showcase on the site, this layout of website is the best for its speed and the dedicated hosting server. Invest in it and you are sure to get suitable returns from it and easily retain the attention of users for ease of accessibility online.

Bluehost Pricing Details

It has many pricing tiers that are given clearly with features and pick the one that suits business purpose the best. If unable to settle for the right one even after browsing them in detail, get in touch with the technical experts and the customer support for consultation that is available round the clock.

No matter whichever tier plan you opt for, it is a cost-effective and value filled option to go for a business hosting server, especially for the beginners. The basic monthly plan of $2.95 offers 50 GB of free space with free SSL certificate and CDN. This would start to expand further depending on the monthly package you opt for.

There is the option to personalize service tier on Bluehost as per the features it covers up for and you can invest for the right deals to opt for.  

Bluehost Hosting Plans Details

The Bluehost hosting plans mainly depend on size and budget of business. It includes hosting, dedicated server, VPS and cloud hosting and others. The list of hosting server is included in the following:

Cloud hosting

It is a reliable upgrade done to an existing hosting plan. It helps utilize cloud servers and allow websites to switch to different servers that are compatible with its hardware configuration and business requirements. 

Shared hosting

When starting a new website, this is the suitable option that can maintain low traffic easily. In this, the website would share the server resource with other websites. 

WooCommerce hosting

It is a popular plugin option for WordPress through which it is easy to start an online website using this platform. The WooCommerce hosting comes with a host of features to easily use and start using it on your website. 

WordPress hosting

The hosting plan is perfectly designed to work on WordPress site and run it smoothly. It also gives adequate protection against common and frequent mline threats. 

VPS hosting plan

The virtual private server is an upgraded version of WordPress hosting and allows virtual dedicated resources to be used for ease of using a shared environment online for your business. 

Dedicated hosting server 

This kind of hosting server for your website indicates that you can use all resources of a dedicated server.  

Therefore, these plans can be installed easily in just one click and doesn’t demand any prior technical or other knowledge for its installation.

List of Services Offered by Bluehost


The shared hosting is most popular on Bluehost and it is perfect to upload your site and run it smoothly. The free SSL certificate and domain name is another hosting feature to invest in. When it comes to hosting the site, the server will do it well in detail and it helps to do the job easily for the beginners. Depending on how the site grows, you have to opt for the right plan, and it should suit the business needs. This is where dedicated hosting is an essential thing to work with. A powerful site can offer the best performance with ease of feature control and flexibility to use it right.   

WordPress Support

Under Bluehost, there is Blue Sky that helps users know how to build, grow and maintain a WordPress website. It gives adequate guidance and training that helps easy use of the website. Whether you are stuck while using the website layout, it is better to go for the technical assistance that is available round the clock. It shall help you better to fix the SEO things and optimize the website in the best way possible.  

Access of online store  

If planning to start your online store, going by the layout of WooCommerce and WordPress can make a difference. Here, you have to opt for the premium or standard monthly that would make up for the hosting service requirement. Getting it from an online store can be challenging and therefore, when choosing an online store, you have to choose a reliable one that is suitable to go by and get an easy process of investment. If the source is an authentic one, you can rely on its payment options at its best. So, check the details of the feature and go for the right one for your business needs.  

How Bluehost has the Best Professional Marketing Service?

Other than hosting service, Bluehost gives the best assistance to business with latest marketing and design strategies. It helps one to focus more on revenue generating activities and helps run the business smoothly. Some of the business-related services to get from this hosting server are as follows:

ü  Service website assistance with design, guidance and help with quality content

ü  SEO service to adequate optimize website and perfect use of target keywords

ü  The PPVC service helps assist with pay per click campaign, giving the best practice to the customers

ü  Ease of online consultation on the website and ease of migration for the help of the users on the website


Q : Is Bluehost a perfect option for beginners?

Ans : Yes, its friendly interface makes it a perfect hosting company for beginners. It can install WordPress automatically soon after you sign up. Moreover, its control features are easy to handle for the hosting account. 

Q : Is it suitable to choose bluehost for small scale business?

Ans : If you are a blogger or small scale business owner, bluehost will get you covered to take your business online. It enables the business to create a solid online presence with the right set of tools such as marketing tools, SEO keywords, plugins, domain hosting, analytics dashboard and others. You can get it all at an affordable rate.

Q : How Bluehost controls high traffic?

Ans : The shared hosting service plans are ideal for beginners and mainly the small business owners. In the test, the hosting plans can handle almost 100 virtual users without slowing down the site and easily control the traffic. Even for any sudden spike on the site, the server can handle it right. Even if the traffic seems to be high, it is time to upgrade the server plan to a higher version. 

Q : What are the reasons to use Bluehost for WordPress?

Ans : Bluehost is the largest web hosting source that has been supporting the WordPress community with ease and the collaboration is easy to work with. The platform is also optimized with WordPress and it is engineered to run on its, giving berst of its performance.

Q : How to transfer domain name to Bluehost?

Ans : It is easy to transfer the existing name of a domain on a Bluehost account. From the cPanel, you can easily get access to the domain management part and follow the details to do the domain transfer easily. However, you can get in touch with the customer support team as and when required.  

Q : Is it a reliable hosting server source?

Ans : It is a reliable hosting source and continues to create innovation in ways of website creation. It is a class apart service to cover up global customers. It is a highly recommended one if you wish to work on WordPress platform and get the best of domain solutions. It is also considered the best for its performance, speed, design that helps bring on innovative products. 

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